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Nella Fauve is an abstract figurative painter living in a bohemian village of Montmartre in Paris. In her paintings she focuses mainly on the study of human and animal bodies through transformation of proportions and exaggeration of shapes and forms.

Hers is a dreamlike and surreal world where the bodies lose all their form. The painter leads you to the search for the substance of all existence through abstract figuration. Where is the limit of the perception of the universe in the eyes of humans if despite all forms disappeared, we are still able to recognise the subjects in the painting? Is the recognition of things dependent on the realism of lines and proportions known to our brain? Or is it simply a matter of the key points that we find accompanied by the energy of the image, which makes us understand what is in the painting?

Inspired by dreams and spiritual journeys, she allows herself to be carried by these intuitive gestures in the creation of the forms of her subjects. Sometimes animal, sometimes human, the bodies in her works keep changing their proportions and go against all logic of the rules established by nature. For it is the substances, the energies of all that is alive that directs her brush. In the dream world everything is possible and the form has little importance. 

Her personal story begins in the heart of Prague, where she grew up and studied fine arts for 7 years. She then moved to an artistic neighborhood in Paris called Montmartre to pursue her dream of living in the same place where so many famous painters changed the concept of art in the beginning of the 20th century. She was attracted by the famous bohemian spirit that still lives there.

She became quickly very active in the local artistic scene with regular exhibitions and performances in prestigious venues as well as in the underground artistic movements.

Nella Fauve spent the first 5 years of her time in the Parisian art scene by focusing on the concept of a female nude and the possibilities of representation of femininity and the female body through abstract figuration. After she felt she attained the limits of this exploration, she started to focus on the male body and later on animals as well.

Her personal online gallery is now the best place to find her original paintings as well as high quality reproductions and fashion collections which are getting larger every day.

Next to art, one of the most important things for her are environmental and human right issues. You can be sure that everything she offers in this store is carefully selected so it has a minimal impact on the environment with eco-friendly materials and packaging. She works with printing providers from all over the world, so your product never travels too far and so leaves a minimal footprint. Her idea is that quality and environmental consciousness are more important than money and profit. That’s why you can always trust her with the product you get from this store.

Thank you for your interest in Nella Fauve’s story and values. Please be free to reach out with any additional questions you might have.

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