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Artist Statement


My world is dreamlike and surreal, where animal and human bodies lose all their physical shape. I wish to lead you to the search for the substance of all existence through abstract figuration.


Where is the limit of our perception of the universe, if despite all forms disappeared, we are still able to recognise the subjects in the painting? Is the recognition of things dependent on the realism of lines and proportions known to our brain? Or is it simply a matter of several key points together with the feeling and emotional charge of the artwork which makes us understand what we see?


As an abstract figurative painter I  focus on this question by studying human and animal bodies. However when I paint, I do not observe a real life model. What interests me is how accurate actually is our memory and imagination. If I tell you to imagine a horse let’s say, however hard we try, we will never see a photo-realistic image of a horse. What we see is an ever changing image, an idea rather, with indistinct lines and exaggerated forms, accompanied by a certain feeling. And that picture there is what I capture in my paintings.


You can find diverse art techniques in my work, ask I keep going further in search for new ways to capture the volatile essence of the inner reality. A big body of my work consists of oil paintings, however  acrylics, watercolours and graphic techniques are very common in my creation.


Inspired by dreams, spiritual journeys, and meditative observation of all living things I allow my hand to be carried by intuitive gestures when creating the unique proportions. Animal or human, the bodies in my art keep changing their forms and are free from all rules established by nature. In the dream world everything is possible and logic has very little importance.




Artist Bio


Her personal story begins in the heart of Prague, where she grew up and studied fine arts for seven years. First fours years in the High School of Arts and Design, then three more at Charles University, where she continued with her studies of Fine Arts. Immediately after that, in 2015, she moved to Montmartre, an artistic neighbourhood in Paris, to pursue her dream of finding inspiration in the famous bohemian quarter, where so many avant garde artists changed the art scene for ever.


She became quickly very active in the local artistic scene with regular exhibitions and performances in prestigious venues as well as in more street and underground types of events. In 2022 she founded an artistic association called Bandabacchus, which allows local emerging artists to show their art and maintains the artistic spirit of the neighbourhood alive.


Since she moved to Paris, Nella Fauve has organised dozens of collective exhibitions and art festivals, especially with her art association. An example of such event would be for example the April 2023 collective art show in Galerie Echomusée, or the Jully 2023 Art Festival in Les Arènes de Montmartre. She participated in numerous collective exhibitions herself, such as Le salon des indépendants in the Grand Palais in 2020 or numerous participations at the biennial Salon FMR of large scale art. She has solo exhibitions three or four times a year in different Parisian venues. Even though she has worked with agents and galleries, she prefers more convivial café-galeries for her exhibitions in order to connect better with the public.


In her art Nella Fauve focuses on animal and human bodies, painting in an abstract figurative style. Her goal is to transfer the exact image, with all its abstract and dream-like quality, from her imagination to the canvas, in search of capturing the briefness of a visual thought.


The best way to keep informed about her upcoming events and other actualities is to follow her on instagram, to visit her website or to directly join her mailing list on the same website.

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Nella Fauve Parisian Artist Painter
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