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Vanity Original acrylic painting on canvas

Vanity Original acrylic painting on canvas


A diptych of acrylic paint on canvas, which was originally made for a Salon FMR in Le Pré Saint-Gervais, a Parisian suburbs. You might know the concept of Vanity in fine arts. It means something very specific. Vanity is a still life, which represents the briefness of human life, and is somewhat similar to a Death altar.

You see, a few centuries ago it was

quite a trend to place a human skull on one's desk in order to be constantly reminded of one's mortality and therefore boosting your productivity. It was especially popular among artists and writers. Vanity is a painting version of this phenomenon. It was generally a painting of a table with a skull, a sand clock, some dried fruit and flowers. These are all subjects you can find in this painting as a reference to the original meaning of Vanity in fine arts. However I also translated it to more contemporary terms and adapted it to the style I was doing at the time (2019) which were abstract female nudes. Therefore here the meaning of vanity is also represented in depicting a vain woman, admiring herself in a reflection, with all the youth, beauty and wealth she posses, but in the reflection there is death staring back at her. The briefness of all this earthly gains is represented through lots of details in this artwork.


- Name - Vanity

- Artist - Nella Fauve
- Size: 160x100 cm
- Acrylic painting on two panels of cotton canvas.
- Signed certificate of authenticity included
- Made in 2019 in Paris, Montmartre

★ Other sizes ★
Please contact me if you want another size, I can paint a similar piece for you in your custom size.


▣ Finishing ▣
Rolled canvas ready to be stretched on an included stretcher frame.


★ Processing time ★
Originals - 2 business days


✈ Shipping ✈ Worldwide.
All orders are fully tracked. Items are very well protected and packaged.

  • Return policy

    All paintings can be returned and exchanged for another painting of the same or higher value within two weeks after delivery. The cost of the return shipping fee is paid by the buyer.

    In case of exchange against a painting of a higher value, the buyer must pay the difference before the new painting is shipped.

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