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Sleeping Amazon Original oil painting on canvas

Sleeping Amazon Original oil painting on canvas


Embark on a journey of artistic wonder with "Sleeping Amazon" - an evocative original oil expressionist painting on stretched canvas. Capturing the ethereal image of a sleeping woman astride a majestic horse, this captivating artwork is a striking display of abstract figurative style. The harmonious blend of beautiful rich tones in blue, purple, and pink adds depth and allure, making it a truly expressive and original masterpiece.


Measuring 80x100 cm, this stunning piece is a testament to the artist's skill and creativity, carefully stretched on a durable stretcher frame to maintain its integrity and create a captivating visual presence. The meticulous brushstrokes breathe life into the captivating scene, transporting viewers into a realm of dreamlike beauty.


"Sleeping Amazon" arrives ready to hang, inviting you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world it portrays. The painting's sturdy stretcher frame ensures it remains taut and secure, offering you a hassle-free and enjoyable display experience.


As an authentic work of art, "Sleeping Amazon" bears the signature of the esteemed artist, Nella Fauve, attesting to its originality and value. The included signed certificate of authenticity further validates the unique nature of this exceptional creation.


Emanating from the heart of Paris, Montmartre, "Sleeping Amazon" was meticulously brought to life in 2020, a time of inspiration and creative prowess for the artist. The enchanting ambiance of Paris adds a touch of magic to the painting, infusing it with an unparalleled spirit.


This artwork is an ode to the graceful power of femininity and the timeless beauty of the equine companion. Its intriguing composition and expressive style make it a remarkable addition to any art collection, drawing admirers to its beauty and captivating story.


"Sleeping Amazon" is an invitation to delve into a world of imagination and emotion, where the spirit of art and nature converge. Embrace the allure of this exquisite masterpiece and let it transform your space into a sanctuary of artistic elegance.


- Name - Sleeping Amazon
- Artist - Nella Fauve
- Size: 80x100 cm
- Oil painting on cotton canvas.
- Signed certificate of authenticity included
- Made in 2020 in Paris, Montmartre

★ Other sizes ★
Please contact me if you want another size, I can paint a similar piece for you in your custom size.

▣ Finishing ▣
Rolled canvas ready to be mounted on an included stretcher frame

★ Processing time ★
Originals - 2 business days

✈ Shipping ✈ Worldwide.

Frame and stretch.
In order to protect paintings well during international transportation, all larger paintings are rolled (unframed/unstretched) and transported in high-quality plastic/cardboard tubes to avoid damage. This is 100% safe, and once you stretch on the wooden base, the paintings will return to their original/flat state. You can decide to mount it back yourself, or simply let it be done it in any local mounting shop.
All orders are fully tracked. Items are very well protected and packaged.

  • Return policy

    All paintings can be returned and exchanged for another painting of the same or higher value within two weeks after delivery. The cost of the return shipping fee is paid by the buyer.

    In case of exchange against a painting of a higher value, the buyer must pay the difference before the new painting is shipped.

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